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Refrigeration Equipment Units

Hwasung Thermo

HT-100 RT & HT 100 II

Model operated with a compressor attached to the crankshaft pulley of the vehicle engine and a 380-volt electric motor. Condenser mounted on the front of the box. Maximum cooling capacity. Ecological refrigerant R404a. Control panel in the cabin. Guaranteed replacement components in the national market with immediate delivery.

HT-250 RT

Aerodynamic cooling equipment for isothermal vans in order to improve the road driving and minimize fuel consumption, due to it exerts less wind resistance. Our entire range of cooling equipment has automatic and manual defrosting. Include standard, fittings, cooling hoses and mounting accessories.

HT-350 A / 750 A

HT-350 is a small and compact refrigeration unit to cool for truck box sizes of 12-20M3 under different ambient temperatures.


  • Front-mounted and small sized condenser
  • Eco-friendly R404a refrigerant, cool to -18C ~+25C for different client’s demands on temperature control solutions.
  • Direct-drive by the vehicle engine; fast cooling, high reliability, and low failure rate.
  • Digital and multi-functional control panel, precise temperature control and simple operation, with e-diagnostics and faults alarming.

Sub: Diesel Truck Units (30w Trala, 50WES cold Equipment)



  • Capacity: 7,640Watt 26,100BTU
  • Freezing: -25°C
  • Body: length 8m
  • Body: volume 54m³



  • Independent motor model and 380 volt electric motor.
  • Capacity: 9,550Watt 32,600BTU
  • Freezing: -25°C
  • Body length: 10m
  • Body volume: 72m³

Marine Containers - New & Used

Dry marine containers (20' & 40')

Campers, construction of warehouses and others

Reefer marine Containers (20' & 40')

Solution for mobile storage and transport of perishable products. IpbCorp provides refrigerated containers for sales.

Container Chassis - New & Used

We have Undermount generators in stock for rental. Before being delivered, the generators are checked and tested for their correct operation. The generator supplies uninterrupted power to protect your load.

Spare Parts

We provide original hwasung thermo products and also, we can provide OEM part spare parts and compressor for cold transportation equipment. With convenient price and good quality equipment units also to south America and The Caribbean.

  • Truck Refrigeration Equipments parts.
  • Refrigeration Equipment Compressors & Filters.

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